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Our method is to touch your client in multiple forms of marketing strategy before that ad hits their page. Bring numbers and sales to your profile when you sign with Dynamic Records.

We have created a streamlined process to simplify your marketing efforts while still giving you a bang for your buck. By combining traditional with digital methods, you can hit your audience on all marketing fronts. From targeted ads to high precision social media marketing, your brand and personal profile will reach the masses and make you top of the game

Dynamic Records Inc.

The music industry is one of the most competitive businesses to jump into. Styles and interests are constantly changing and new technology is constantly being made to streamline the marketing process and grow.


Regardless of the technology or music you may have, it still comes down to generating sales. Through our experiences of marketing for Latin artists, we know how to take you to the next level.

  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
  • Deezer
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